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NEC Chapter 1 – Article 110 Requirements for Electrical Installations

May 15, 2016 - Posted by admin

ARTICLE 110 Requirements for Electrical Installations

I. General

110.1 Scope. This article covers general requirements for the examination and approval, installation and use, access to and spaces about electrical conductors and equipment; enclosures intended for personnel entry; and tunnel installations.

110.2 Approval. The conductors and equipment required or permitted by this Code shall be acceptable only if approved.

FPN: See 90.7, Examination of Equipment for Safety, and 110.3, Examination, Identification, Installation, and Use of Equipment. See definitions of Approved, Identified, Labeled, and Listed.

110.3 Examination, Identification, Installation, and Use of Equipment
(A) Examination. In judging equipment, considerations such as the following shall be evaluated:
(1) Suitability for installation and use in conformity with the provisions of this Code
FPN: Suitability of equipment use may be identified by a description marked on or provided with a product to identify the suitability of the product for a specific purpose, environment, or application. Suitability of equipment may be evidenced by listing or labeling.
(2) Mechanical strength and durability, including, for parts designed to enclose and protect other equipment, the adequacy of the protection thus provided
(3) Wire-bending and connection space
(4) Electrical insulation
(5) Heating effects under normal conditions of use and also under abnormal conditions likely to arise in service
(6) Arcing effects
(7) Classification by type, size, voltage, current capacity, and specific use
(8) Other factors that contribute to the practical safeguarding of persons using or likely to come in contact with the equipment
(B) Installation and Use. Listed or labeled equipment shall be installed and used in accordance with any instructions included in the listing or labeling.

110.4 Voltages. Throughout this Code, the voltage considered shall be that at which the circuit operates. The voltage rating of electrical equipment shall not be less than the nominal voltage of a circuit to which it is connected.

110.5 Conductors. Conductors normally used to carry current shall be of copper unless otherwise provided in this Code. Where the conductor material is not specified, the material and the sizes given in this Code shall apply to copper conductors. Where other materials are used, the size shall be changed accordingly.
FPN: For aluminum and copper-clad aluminum conductors, see 310.15.

110.6 Conductor Sizes. Conductor sizes are expressed in American Wire Gage (AWG) or in circular mils.

110.7 Wiring Integrity. Completed wiring installations shall be free from short circuits, ground faults, or any connections to ground other than as required or permitted elsewhere in this Code.