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Benefits of becoming an Electrician

May 11, 2016 - Posted by admin

It is becoming a more and more of an attractive proposition to become a qualified electrician when someone is thinking of switching career paths or just entering the job market for the first time. The continuous rise of tuition fees every year in the universities and the cutthroat job market is leading the students towards selecting the salary and job security of a qualified electrician. Apart from these there are many different reasons such as attractive income, continuously growing demand of electricians and many more. If you are thinking of becoming an electrician but have are a little hesitant, then here are few reasons that might help you make a decision.

Electrician apprenticeship opportunities

This is the most attractive feature and benefit of becoming an electrician. Most electrician apprenticeships are administered at a trade college or university in integration with an affiliated professional employer who allows and provides practical training to the students during their study period. This procedure allows the apprentices to have hands-on experience while they earn a degree. It is obvious that when companies recruit their employees they look for people with experience, and here is where the students who participate in an apprenticeship program get advantage. Electrician apprenticeships are normally separated in two different types. One of them is the industrial apprenticeship, where you would get opportunities of employment in administrative, support and technical services in industrial sector. The other type is the construction apprenticeship, which leads to employment opportunities of service and installation service for industrial, commercial and government organizations.

Attractive Income

An electrician’s salary depends on the type of employment and the experience. However, it is generally more than any other employees in the construction trade and is steadier as well. Either way, from the beginning the electrician salary is quite attractive and is most likely to rise over the time with experience. Even if you do not work for an employer you would be earning more as a self-employed worker than other construction workers such as plumbers or carpenters.

In high demand

In construction trade industry employers face a continuous shortage of skilled and trained employees, which means new jobs are more likely to be offered throughout the year. The need for master electricians has had an all time high, and this need is expected to rise continuously due to the ongoing increase of new, green energies being utilized.

Option of joining a Union

As an electrician you get the opportunity to join the union and many electricians join their company based or sovereign union. A well known multinational electrical union is International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), which stands for electricians all across North America. The major benefit of joining an electrical union is employment security and salary protection, as well as other advantages.

Electrician apprenticeship opportunities, attractive income, high demand, and the option of joining a union are just a few of many benefits of becoming an electrician. There are various areas and possibilities within the construction trade, making it a very attractive and gratifying career path.

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